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Dive Attractions & Underwater Art


Subcon has been commissioned twice to establish underwater art precincts.

Coogee Maritime Trail
Our Coogee Maritime Trail has created one of the worlds largest living harbour projects with over 100 metric tonnes and 5000m2 of habitat. The maritime trail integrates the Omeo wreck with multiple artworks and over 50 purpose built structures. NUmerous artworks including a 5m diameter start fish with a swim through provide many points of ineterest for snorkellers and scuba divers alike. The trail also incorporates seaweed gardens which capture carbon dioxide, a juvenile fish nursery and three reef pyramids to provide habitat for demsersal finfish. Finally it also incorporates the worlds first geopoylmer reef modules paving the way for future low carbon footprint substrates to be deployed world wide.

The Coogee Maritime Trail applies Subcon’s Integrated Artificial Reef concept to Coastal Developments. It demonstrates how owners of coastal infrastructure can create facilities that promote community well being and cohesion, integrate into the natural environmental and promote fisheries abundance. The trail is designed to both inspire and inform divers and snorkellers about the challenges faced by our oceans and the solutions.

Buoyant on the Goldcoast
Buoyant on the Goldcoast is the worlds most iconic underwater artwork. Its the result of a very productive collaboration between Subcon, Goldcoast City Council and Artist Daniel Templeman. In 30m water depth and standing 20m tall it is the worlds first floating reef. 20m tall, conical flutes tower above the sea floor creating a beautiful floating ecosystem we call Buoyant. To learn more contact Subcon at [email protected].


A purpose-built reef is a engineered reef structure or substrate that mimics the ecosystem services provided by a natural reef substrate.  You can think of the engineered reef structure as the back bone of the reef, on which natural life can grow.  Purpose-built reefs are typically constructed for:

  1. increasing or restoring populations of marine plants and animals
  2. coastal protection (e.g. controlling beach erosion)
  3. recreational use (e.g. fishing, diving)
  4. aquaculture (e.g. ranching for abolone or finfish)

Subcon have developed over 20 purpose built reefs all over the world for different applications.

The Gold Coast Dive Attraction will be Australia’s first reef specifically engineered for recreational diving. It will be purpose-built to attract a diverse range of marine life and maximise diver experience and safety.

Our Art Reefs create iconic bucket list destinations for divers, recreational options for young people and educational opportunities for students. But theres more to it than simply encouraging tourism.

Art reefs are a beautiful fusion of Art, Science and Engineering that explore what is possible when we aspire to integrate coastal infrastructure into the environment.

Most importantly, Subcon’s art communicates the importance of our marine environment.  by creating a sense of beauty and exploring the nature of perception we aim to inspire the viewers to explore, experience and conserve our wonderful oceans.

The dive attraction includes a purpose-built reef, moorings and navigational markers specifically designed to attract and sustain a wide diversity of marine life, in turn providing a world-class diving experience.

The world has seen enormous growth in the coastal and aquatic activities market.

For exapmle the Gold Coast is well placed to harness the untapped potential of the dive tourism market. It is estimated that in its first 10 years of operation the Gold Coast dive attraction will:

  1. inject $32.8 million into the region’s economy (including investment costs, regional flow on and tourism benefit) during the first 10 years of operation
  2. generate 166,543 new overnight visitors to the Gold Coast with the specific intention of diving and/or snorkelling
  3. support 80.8 full time jobs by year 10 of operations
  4. generate an estimated 18.3 full time positions during the two year construction period.

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