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Reef Haven

  • Fish Nursery
  • Coral Relocation
  • Reef Restoration
  • Custom Design

The ReefHavenTM is an innovative solution that quickly restores the ecological functions provided by tabular corals which have been shown to provide shelter to large fish species which shelter from UV light under the corals.  It provides immediate protection for the remaining corals and fishes, whilst providing a hard substrate onto which natural coral larvae can be recruited or nursery reared corals can be translocated.

The ReefHavenTM facilitates mass production and industrial scale enhancement of large tracts of degraded reef habitat. ReefHavenTM provide rapidly deployable, complex vertical and tabular habitat for reef fishes and include specifically designed substrates onto which corals can be recruited.

The design can also be used to recruit and then translocate species into cooler temperatures either further south or into deeper offshore waters.

The Reef Haven features slots and sockets into which hatchery reared corals can be transplanted safely and securely and be able to re-establish growth.

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