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Scour Skirts

  • Jacket Foundation Protection
  • Structure Scour Protection
  • Rock / Mattress Substitute
  • Fast and Easy Installing

Subcon’s grouted scour skirts provide an innovative solution to prevent scour around subsea structures. Using a combination of woven polypropylene fibre and needle punched geotextile, a flexible formwork can be deployed in the scour impact area and inflated with grout.

The semi-porous polypropylene permits water to displace during grout placement allowing the grout to completely fill the formwork while the geotextile base provides an impermeable barrier preventing sediment migration from beneath.
The scour skirt lends itself to both new-build structures or retrofitted to existing assets. For new-build structures, the scour skirt can be integrated into the mud mat removing the need for an installation beam. Grouted scour skirts are advantageous in locations of restricted ingress or where lifting precast mattresses increase the risk of damaging structures.

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