Pluto LNG Project - Jacket Installation

Our Experience


  • Project Name
    Pluto LNG Project
  • Project Operator
  • Location
    North West Shelf, Australia
  • MMA's Client
    McDermott Industries Australia
  • Scope of Work
    International tow of jacket to site, jacket launch

Project Overview

Woodside's Pluto LNG Project was one of the fastest developed liquefied natural gas project in the world, with first LNG delivered in May 2012. The Project processes gas from the Pluto and Xena gas fields, located about 190km north-west of Karratha in Western Australia, into LNG and condensate.

MMA was contracted by McDermott's in 2008 to provide full marine support in respect of the Pluto jacket installation. The scope included a number of international tows to bring the jacket down from Batam and then anchor handling, supply and in field support in relation to the subsequent launch of the jacket.

Vessels Utilised

MMA vessels provided the following marine services:

  • The Mermaid Vision conducted a tandem tow of the Intermac 650 Jacket launch barge from China to Batam and then onward to site. The Vision then undertook an anchor handling and supply role on the project.
  • The Mermaid Voyager conducted a flare barge tow from Batam to the Pluto site.
  • The Mermaid Commando and Chieftain provided infield support services
  • The Mermaid Guardian conducted a tandem barge tow to Batam
  • The Mermaid Endeavour conducted ABT tows to Batam
  • Mermaid Raider provided ad hoc supply

Achievements & Project Outcomes

MMA successfully completed a total of 5 international tows utilising 4 different vessels without incident. This illustrated the depth of the experience base of MMA's sea staff as well as the capability and flexibility of the fleet to satisfy the project requirements. MMA's international operating entity, MMA Offshore Asia, was responsible for managing the international vessel mobilisations and in this instance worked closely with the Australian Project Team to successfully conduct the international vessel tows.

Having the flexibility to operate vessels under a foreign flag, meant that MMA was able to offer a cost effective and risk managed solution in respect of the various international tow legs.

Project in field operations were supported by various other MMA vessels mobilised at short notice out of Dampier. This additional capacity provided our client with the flexibility to respond to unplanned contingencies such that unnecessary delays were avoided. In addition to the benefits provided by additional fleet capacity and flexibility, MMA were also able to assist on a number of occasions by offering technical and maintenance support through the Dampier Supply Base and Slipway.

The Dampier Supply Base provided further support through stevedoring services at the Burrup Material Facility. There is no doubt that the integrated delivery of the various MMA services enabled the Pluto project to progress efficiently.